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From New York to South Carolina – The Phoenix Story

Phoenix of Anderson is owned and operated by three brothers: Eric Cohen, Greg Cohen, and Kevin Cohen. The Cohen family has been in some form of the textile industry for four generations. Starting in the early 1900’s, the grandfather of the Cohen brothers came from Russia and peddled fabrics to companies in New York. He earned enough money to open a knitting mill on Walker Street on the lower east side of New York. As his son, Herbert Cohen grew up in the family business he had ideas on how to branch out of the city. Herbert Cohen followed his vision of the textile mills moving to the southern United States. He landed a job with a Tennessee company called Whitaker and Whitaker. Herbert Cohen had the hard task of closing down one of the textile plants. After doing so, he was so distraught, he decided to open his own business and never again close down a textile mill.

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