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15 Broad Street, Williamston, SC 29697


Welcome to Phoenix Of Anderson Inc., All About Fabrics, and Orr/Lyons Industries,
American owned and operated for four generations now.

We can supply you with inexpensive wholesale agricultural fabric & wholesale industrial fabric for your needs. If it's a nonwoven, felt, rope, or just about anything else you are looking for, contact us for current inventory. Tell us what you are using it for and we probably have a product we can offer to save you money.

If you need the fabric to be slit by width or cut into specific sizes, we have a cutting operation that can handle your special request. Our minimum order is only 100 pieces and we can produce any quantity larger than this.

Recently we had a local customer come to us and ask if we had an inexpensive fabric to cover rocks. We carry a nonwoven fabric that we were able to slit into the width he requested and saved him more than 50% of the cost of what he was paying before.

If you do not have exact specifications, we can usually find something to suit your needs. E-mail or call us with your request. If you have a sample of a product you are looking for, send it to 15 Broad Street, Williamston, SC 29697 with a note requesting it to be matched.



15 Broad Street, Williamston, SC 29697