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15 Broad Street, Williamston, SC 29697

Wedding/Special Events

Welcome to Phoenix Of Anderson Inc., All About Fabrics, and Orr/Lyons Industries,
American owned and operated for four generations now.

If you have a special event company, are planning to get married or any other occasion, we are your wholesale fabric suppliers. We have all the essentials you will need. We have bulk tablecloths and napkins priced well below wholesale cost.

You can also place a special order by telling us how many you will need and the color and we can make them for you. Tulle, Satin, and Organza are always in stock, with a large selection of colors to choose from. Just remember a lot of our fabrics are "Promotional" which means the colors are always changing. When you know what colors or types of fabric you need, that's when you come in to buy. Our outlet Center "All About Fabrics" opens for 3 days every month with no minimum to buy. Click on the Outlet Center Icon for more information and the next open house dates.

If you have a business license and are looking for more than 200 yards of fabric at one time and searching for wholesale fabric suppliers, you can make an appointment with one of our sales specialists to meet at the Williamston, South Carolina warehouse. If it's your first time visiting us, be sure to bring your color cards and the quantity you will need as many first time customers are overwhelmed. If you purchase more than you can carry back, we can ship it to you with Federal Express ground or express or for the lowest cost trucking company. We will shop around for the lowest rate.



15 Broad Street, Williamston, SC 29697